Turkey became one of the most preferred countries for relex smile – eye surgery and all treatments of health tourism. There are many reasons for this:

  • Successful eye surgeons
  • successful operations in health tourism
  • all inclusive relex smile and all treatments of eye surgery packages
  • affordable price of relex smile
  • Following the latest technology of eye surgery

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for health tourism..

Many operations are performed in turkey so there are so many eye surgeons who get a lot of experience. The latest technology of eye surgery is closely followed as there is a lot of demand for operations. Patients from the United Kingdom, Germany, Nederland, and Belgium may benefit from the advantages of currency exchange. Because  on average a pound equals about 9,70 TRY, a Euro around 8,50 TRY, and a US dollar equals about 7,20 TRY. When you pay using a stronger currency, you are paying less for the same service.

The main reason relex smile in Turkey is cheap is that the overall operation costs and eye surgeon fees, are lower compared to places like Europe or USA.

Relex smile’s cost in Turkey is around 1900 – 2400 €. But in Europe relex smile’s cost can go up to 4-6 times. Also this price is all inclusive in Turkey. So, at this price, you both get your treatment and have a holiday.

In Turkey eye clinics offer all inclusive packages which are include all transfers ( airport  hotel – hotel     clinic), hotel accommodation, translation in your language and treatment price.

Positive reviews and satisfactions of the people who have done relex smile in Turkey also encourages other people.

High quality and Low cost relex smile can be done.

Contact us if you want to experience this with us. Your experience of your eye treatment will be professional and  quality from start to end by Este With Care.