Every tooth in our mouth has a function. If one of them falls off, our teeth will no longer function perfectly. We may not notice this immediately, but the gap in the row of teeth has consequences. It can even cost other teeth the support.

Tooth loss can affect anyone

We can lose our teeth for various reasons.

  • bone loss
  • tumor disease
  • periodontitis
  • Severe caries
  • Congenital non-formation of teeth

A tooth less in the mouth is not a reason for many to think about a replacement. Especially not when it’s a molar. After all, the gap is hardly noticeable when eating, speaking and laughing. At the latest, however, when a tooth is lost in the visible front tooth area, the tooth gap becomes an obvious problem.

The chewing function is impaired.

The gap in the row of teeth should always be closed – whether it is an anterior tooth or a molar. After all, the teeth do not only have a fixed place in our dentition for aesthetic reasons. The molar, for example, helps to break down food and thus does important preliminary work for the subsequent digestion. If it is missing, the chewing function is impaired.

The same applies to milk teeth: avoid tooth loss! The first teeth are important placeholders for the permanent teeth and contribute to the development of the teeth. Parents should therefore start taking care of their children’s teeth at an early age.


Teeth can grow out of the periodontium.

The gap can cause even more trouble. An important support is now missing for the neighboring teeth. You can tip into the gap and throw the whole bit out of sync. Likewise, opposing teeth can grow out of the periodontium because they no longer have any counter pressure due to the missing tooth.

The bite position can change

In the worst case, the bite position changes. Then the contact surfaces of the upper and lower jaw no longer fit together properly. This affects the jaw joints, which react with pain.

The risk of inflammation

The tipping teeth create spaces in which bacteria feel very comfortable. The toothbrush is powerless against stubborn dirt. The risk of inflammation of the gums and periodontium increases.

Better to close the gap then.

There are many good ways to replace a missing tooth these days. A good and popular solution is dentures on implants. The artificial tooth root carries crowns, bridges and prostheses and replaces your own teeth based on nature’s model.

Acting in time means avoiding tooth loss. However, if you take too much time with the dentures, you could have a problem. The tooth gap signals to the body that no more bone is needed at this point to hold the tooth root. The result: the bone pulls back. In order for the implant to grow properly, however, a stable jawbone is required. Those affected often therefore cannot avoid complex bone-building measures.

Go to the dentist immediately if you have a tooth gap

So if you have a gap in your teeth for a few weeks or months, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will inform you about the best solutions for your dentures and will ensure that the gap is soon forgotten.

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