Things To Do in İstanbul During Your Health Trip

Istanbul became one of the most preferred cities for health tourism. There are many reasons for this: successful surgeons, successful operations in health tourism, all inclusive packages, affordable price of treatments, following the latest technology of treatments.

Many treatments are performed in turkey so there are so many specialists who get a lot of experience. There are a lot of clinics in İstanbul. They provide the highest quality service with specialists very reasonable prices. But in Europe treatment’s cost can go up to 5 times. Also this price is all inclusive in İstanbul. So, at this price, you both get your treatment and have a holiday.

Istanbul offers its visitors endless alternatives and places to see with its palaces, mansions, museums, nightlife, parks and the Bosphorus passing through the middle of the city. Istanbul is a city which gives you an opportunity to spend whole day long very special. With it’s history, cultural treasury, natural beauty and much more, Istanbul welcomes millions of tourists in every year. Istanbul was the capital of three empires and countless cultures, a bridge between east and west, at least two millennia old and yet thrillingly hip! Forget everything you’ve heard before and tour one of the world’s most exciting metropolises.

But if you have only a few days in the city, make  some of them from this list.

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque, also known as Sultanahmet Camii. It is a historic mosque and is known for its unique size, design and interior decor. The architecture of the mosque will give you a glimpse of the classical Ottoman Empire and traditional Islamic culture more deeply.


Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is an Ottoman work. It is a magnificent museum where the Ottoman Sultans lived and ruled their kingdoms. One of the main attractions of the palace is The Harem, where the Sultan’s mother, his wives and mistresses lived with.

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in the world. It has great historical significance. The Bazaar was established during the Ottoman Empire after the defeat of Constantinople by the Ottoman Sultan. You can find artistic carpets, leather garments, jewellery, antiques and many other things are available in the bazaar.


Hagia Sophia

It is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. Hagia Sophia is a massive dome and its architectural marvel is absolutely mesmerizing. It was a Greek Orthodox church, but later it was changed into the imperial mosque of the Ottoman empire and finally, the Turkish government transformed it into the museum.

Bosphorus tour

The Bosphorus-Istanbul Strait will impress you in depth. The impressive Istanbul Bosphorus tour, which from the Galata Bridge to the Anatolian Kavağı, is one of the most important attractions for Istanbul’s visitors.


Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahçe Palace, the elegant palace of the Bosphorus, is one of the most magnificent symbolic structures of the Ottoman Empire’s changing 19th century identity.

Galata Tower

It is a tower built in 528, located in the Galata district of Beyoğlu, Istanbul. The city can be viewed panoramically from the tower. It was built by the Byzantine emperor Anastasius. Afterwards, the tower, which was largely destroyed by the 4th Crusades in 1204, was rebuilt as the Jesus Tower in 1348 as an annex to the Galata Walls by the Genoese. Galata Square, which is one of the most lively places today, is next to the tower.


Basilica Cistern

Istanbul has several underground cisterns laid all over the city. Basilica Cistern is the most famous one. Back in the day, it used to work as a filtration system to the Great Palace of Constantinople. The cistern lies beneath the city of Istanbul and has great historical significance too. It’s now one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Walking along its raised wooden platforms, you’ll feel water dripping from the vaulted ceiling and see schools of ghostly carp patrolling the water – it certainly has bucketloads of atmosphere.

Istiklal Street

You can feel the multicultural spirit of Istanbul, at Istiklal Street! This street is 3 km long and is pedestrian-friendly. Both the sides of the street are lined by shops and stores- local and international bakery, restaurants, shops, bookstores, nightclubs, shisha cafes and tea houses.


Spice Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar is like a heaven for all shoppers and foodies. The moment you enter, you will be hit by the smell of spices, cheese, fragrances and jaggery. Spice Bazaar, built in 1664, is one of the most colorful bazaar of Istanbul that offers numberless spices, Turkish delights, caviar, dried nuts and more.

Kariye Museum

Chora Church was a medieval Byzantine Greek Orthodox Church. It has been converted into a museum now. It is also known as the Kariye Museum, and it has evidence of traces of Christianity in Turkey. The beautiful mosaics displayed on the walls showcase the artistic talent that prevailed during the Byzantine period.


Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern is a museum. It has large galleries, exhibitions, halls, and a library where the murals and the sculptures are exhibited. There is also a cafe for refreshments and a gift shop containing artistic gift items and souvenirs.

Historical Turkish Bath

The Historical Turkish Bath or The Hamam is a special kind of deep cleansing traditional bath that relaxes your body and mind. This is an indoor bath that has separate arrangements for men and women. Once you enter the bathhouse, you will be escorted by an attendant who will be at your service during the entire therapy. The attendant will perform a scrub treatment with an exfoliate paste which will remove all the dead skins from your body. This is the best place for relaxation. You are offered special treatment with lukewarm water in a warm room. Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı and Cemberlitas Hamami are the most importants hamams in İstanbul.
Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı: Commissioned to the great architect Sinan by the famous Ottoman Admiral Kılıç Ali Paşa as part of the mosque and school complex, Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı was constructed in between 1578-1583 to serve the levends (marine forces in the Ottoman navy). Famous for its architectural lines and majestic dome, the Hamam is one of the symbolic buildings in Tophane, Istanbul’s harbor district.
Cemberlitas Hamami is a historical Turkish bath located in the Çemberlitaş neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey. It was constructed by Mimar Sinan in 1584.



Minaturk is just what it sounds like: a mini version of treasures found in Turkey. The park contains 105 models done in 1/25th scale, about half of them from Istanbul and the rest from Anatolia and the Ottoman territories outside of Turkey.

Emirgan Park

The Emirgan Park (Emirgan Grove or Woods) is situated in the Emirgan neighborhood by the Bosphorus shores and covers an area of 325,000 square meters. Once the private place of the Egyptian Khedive Ismail Pasa, and after being a present from the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV to an Iranian noble-man Emir Gun, today the park serves as a very beautiful public garden for both Istanbul locals and tourists.


Maiden’s Tower

The Maiden’s Tower, also known as Leander’s Tower. It is a lighthouse from the late 18th century. It is situated on a small island and is one of Istanbul’s classic landmarks. The Turkish name “Kız Kulesi”, which literally means “Girl Tower”, comes from a popular legend about a princess, in which a prophetess predicted that she would die from a snake bite. As a result, the sultan immediately had a tower built in the middle of the waters of the Bosphorus to save his daughter from her fate. However, a fruit basket in which a snake was hidden reached her. The princess died, just as the oracle had predicted. It was hiding place of Bond’s opponent Elektra King in 1999 James Bond movie “The World Is Not Enough”. The tower’s restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, a la carte (at the evening), or with a drink at the bar, an incomparable 360 degree view of the city right in the middle of the Bosphorus.

The places to visit and see in Istanbul do not end with counting. We have compiled some of them for you. There is no doubt that you will have a unique experience when you choose Istanbul for your treatment.