Teeth Bleaching

In this article, we talk about teeth bleaching. Coffee, tea and nicotine make the naturally light color of the teeth turns towards yellow and brown. If you want to change that, the best thing to do is go to the dental clinic.

We’ll try to explain in this article which bleaching methods are available and why tooth whitening belongs in the hands of professionals.

Why is bleaching safe only in the dental practice?

  • A prerequisite for bleaching is good oral health: no tooth decay, no inflammation.
  • Bleaching works with hydrogen peroxide. It may be used up to a concentration of 6 percent at the dentist. In products for home use has only less than 0.1 percent at a concentration.
  • Regular prophylaxis and check-ups at the dentist also ensure white, well-groomed teeth.
  • The dentist match the shade individually to the type.

Professionally performed medical teeth whitening has a very high success rate. However, not every patient responds equally well to the bleaching method. Here it is important, together with the dental professionals in the practice, to find out the best way for the patient individually.

The modern bleaching procedures are safe and medically tested. A gel enriched with hydrogen peroxide is used for this. The hydrogen peroxide is activated by light (LED, UV or LASER) and discolors the deposits in the tooth enamel. Before each bleaching, the teeth must be cleaned thoroughly and professionally. Lips, mucous membranes and gums are covered.

In the event of hypersensitivity or other unpleasant reactions that can occur in individual cases, the dental practice has the appropriate measures at hand. If teeth whitening is carried out with the right method and by qualified personnel, the risks are minimal and the chances of success are high.

So if you want to make your smile shine with whiter teeth, you should definitely seek advice from your dental practice. The best way to permanently beautiful and healthy teeth is regular prophylaxis and check-ups in the dental practice.

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