Smart Lenses FAQs

In this article, we have compiled the advantages of smart lenses and the questions about smart lenses for you.

smart lenses

Smart lenses advantages;

• A life without glasses
• Elimination of cataract and near-middle-far vision problems with a single operation
• Does not restrict social life like contact lenses
• Visual acuity does not repeat numbers
• Eliminates the chance of cataract formation
• Seamless and without general anesthesia (It is done with analgesic eye drops.)
• Being suitable for most of those who are not suitable for laser treatment
• Can be used for high/advanced levels of sharpness.

Frequently asked questions about smart lenses

1- Will it change my eye color?

It does not change because they are transparent and very thin.

2- Is it done with general anesthesia?

No. Anesthesia is not needed. Eye drops are used for numbing only.

3- Can the eye trick repeat?

No. If applied to the right patient, it will not recur. The doctor determines this by performing some tests, analyzes and calculations.

4- Is there any need to be careful while swimming or taking a bath with smart lenses?

No. It does not cause any problems as it is placed inside the eye, not above it.

5- How long does smart lens surgery take?

Smart lens surgery is a simple and safe procedure that will be completed in 10 minutes as a procedure. It is sufficient to stay in the center for an average of two hours before the procedure and to monitor the first complications after the procedure.

6- Do I need to replace my smart lenses over time?

No. They are not usually replaced unless there is a medical condition.

7- At what age can a smart lens be worn?

Smart lens application is generally recommended for patients over the age of forty. However, if the health problems of the person affect the quality of life and this situation is getting worse, smart lens surgery can be performed at a much earlier age. However, it is not recommended for patients under the age of 18 because the development period continues.

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