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Este With Care offers all inclusive packages

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For Relex Smile in Turkey, Este With Care offers all inclusive packages, from factors affecting eligibility, choosing the right clinic and technique, to aftercare and results. Este With Care is an umbrella company between you and hospitals / clinics in İstanbul Turkey.

Este With Care provides dental implant services, eye treatments services (PRK Lasik, Relex Smile, Femto Lasik, Keratakonus, Cataract Lens), plastic surgery / cosmetic surgery services (Nose Operation / Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Breast Implants) and hair transplantation services in İstanbul Turkey with all inclusive packages.

Today, Relex SMILE technology is the 3rd generation laser treatment with Carll Zeiss and bladeless laser technology and advanced new method that applied for myopia (up to -10 degree) and astigmatism (up to -5 number) special to person. It is different than conventional laser treatment for no flap (flap) is formed and from excimer laser (second laser) is not required


Specifications Of Relex Smile Method

  • Opportunity to apply in thin corneas

  • Application for high myopia and astigmatism cases

  • Better protection of the cornea structure

  • Without flap (flapless) one-step treatment without surgery

  • Causes less eye dryness

  • Closest result to natural structure

  • Very high speed tissue healing


What is Este With Care doing for you?

  • We organize your hotel

  • We organize all your transfers for airport, hotel and klinik

  • We translate your communication we your doctor

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Why should you choose an eye clinic for relex smile in Turkey?

Turkey became one of the most preferred countries for relex smile – eye surgery and all treatments of health tourism. In Turkey eye clinics offer all inclusive packages which are include all transfers ( airport – hotel – clinic), hotel accommodation, translation in your language and treatment price. Positive reviews and satisfactions of the people who have done relex smile in Turkey also encourages other people. There are many reasons for this: successful eye surgeons – successful operations in health tourism – all inclusive relex smile packages – affordable price of relex smile…


ReLEx Smile Prices in Turkey

There is a lot of eye clinics in Turkey. They provide the highest quality service with eye surgeons very reasonable prices. Relex Smile’s cost in Turkey is around 1900 – 2400 Euro. But in Europe price of relex smile can go up to 4-6 times. Also this price is all inclusive in Turkey. So, at this price, you both get your treatment and have a holiday. There are many factors that affect relex smile prices and it varies from person to person. When you start your research, you may come across very high or very low prices. Before the price of relex smile, you need to focus on the choice of eye clinic …

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