Hair Transplant Prices

There are many factors that affect hair transplant prices and it varies from person to person. When you start your research, you may come across very high or very low prices.

Before the price of hair transplantation, you need to focus on the choice of clinic and specialist. Because quality application is the most important. The cost of hair transplant that are too high or too low, can be deceptive. Prices cannot be too low in clinics that provide certain standards and good quality services. Because they use personalized materials, use the latest equipment, employ a specialist team and provide quality service. But this does not mean that if the hair transplant price is high, the hair clinic is better than the others. We have written before how you can choose the right hair transplant center. If you want, you can read our article here.

Factors that affect the cost of hair transplant;

Method to apply:

Usually the FUE or DHI method is chosen. The DHI method is more costly then FUE and the others. Your hair transplant specialist will inform and guide you for choose to method. FUE  and DHI Hair Transplant Tecniques are the most popular methods of hair transplantation.

Number of grafts:

The appropriate amount of grafts should be determined for natural appearance. The amount of grafts directly affects the price.

Application area:

The price will change according to the size and rarity of the planting area.

Care after operation:

Hair transplant prices include care products and dressings. These also differ according to the person.


As we mentioned before, there may be price differences between hair clinics.


Turkey has become the most important center of the world for the hair transplantation. There is a lot of hair transplant clinics in Turkey. They provide the highest quality service with specialists very reasonable prices. 5000 Grafts hair transplant’s cost in Turkey is around 1700 – 2000 Euro. But in Europe hair transplant’s cost can go up to 5 times. Also this price is all inclusive in Turkey. So, at this price, you both get your treatment and have a holiday.

High quality and Low cost hair transplantation can be done.

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