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For FaceLift – Plastic Surgery in Turkey, Este With Care offers all inclusive packages, from factors affecting eligibility, choosing the right clinic and technique, to aftercare and results. Este With Care is an umbrella company between you and hospitals / clinics in İstanbul Turkey.

Este With Care provides dental implant services, eye treatments services (PRK Lasik, Relex Smile, Femto Lasik, Keratakonus, Cataract Lens), plastic surgery / cosmetic surgery services (Nose Operation / Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Breast Implants) and hair transplantation services in İstanbul Turkey with all inclusive packages.

Under the influence of gravity, the sun, smoking, disease and age our face can lose its youthful, glowing shape and elasticity.The skin slackens, the jawline loses its straight contour and the naso-labial fold is deeper.

A facelift can not stop the aging process, but the clock may reverse a while. A facelift is often viewed with suspicion by the public,but when performed correctly, this is a safe procedure without many complications; the vast majority of patients are normal people and no movie stars. They want to be just another look younger.

Este With Care Face Lift Plastic Surgery in Turkey

A facelift procedure is to bring the different structures of the face that have sagged by gravity back into place and take the excess skin away. For this, the two structures along roads can be approximated: under the skin and over the underlying thin muscle layer.

Because the scars are placed in such a way that they coincide with the folds of the face, these invisible in the daily life. The leaves of the ear, from sleep-region, to behind the ear, in the crease between the ear and the skull.

The SMAS is tightened and the excess skin is excised. Along each side continues to exist for a tube 1 day in order to drain excess wound fluids,so that there is less swelling after surgery. Afterwards there will be a soft bandage around your head, which is worn one day.
All of this is usually done under general anesthesia. The surgery usually takes three hours and can be combined with a blepharoplasty. The main load is the absence of normal sensitivity over the cheeks during the first weeks

Serious complications with relatively simple interventions as neck lift or facelifts are rare.

Facelift Sugery’s Risks

  • Hemorrhage (1-3%, especially in hypertension)

  • Delayed wound healing (especially in smokers)

  • Irregularities under the skin temporarily.

  • Problems with the nerve injury (0.5%, usually recovers)

  • Infection (less than 1%)

** If the patient is taking medication should she / he must communicate this to us.
** The patient must bring a doctor’s statement that there are no risks for surgery.
** There Aast the patient should have a blood test to come to Turkey for blood sugar values colle troll, blood pressure etc.


What is Este With Care doing for you?

  • We organize your hotel

  • We organize all your transfers for airport, hotel and klinik

  • We translate your communication we your doctor

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