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Este With Care offers all inclusive packages

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For dental implant in Turkey, Este With Care offers all inclusive packages, from factors affecting eligibility, choosing the right clinic and technique, to aftercare and results. Este With Care is an umbrella company between you and hospitals / clinics in İstanbul Turkey.

Este With Care provides dental implant services, eye treatments services (PRK Lasik, Relex Smile, Femto Lasik, Keratakonus, Cataract Lens), plastic surgery / cosmetic surgery services (Nose Operation / Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Breast Implants) and hair transplantation services in İstanbul Turkey with all inclusive packages.

In Europe, you have a relatively high cost of a dental implant. This while globally the same treatment (or better) is offered at heavily discounted rates. With us you can save up 60% on your dental implant. We offer dental implants of the highest quality, you also have at our 5 year warranty on your implants. Including your trip and stay you save hundreds of dollars/euros on your dental implant’s price.

Because we work with an international top clinic able to offer the most advenced dental treatmen at considerably lower price. Recommended for each treatment are different information we send for you to phone or mail contact after asking this.

Este With Care Dental Implant in Turkey


When you decide to have put a dental implant you can send us an email with pictures of your mouth. Then you get a quote from us, when you need to be placed implants is minimal for 3 nights (preferably for a week) to Istanbul / Turkey. Before traveling back to your home we remove your stitches. When you land in Istanbul and runs out you will see our driver. He will take you to the hotel. In Here you will get from us a Antibiotika course where you start with the same day for 7 days. The next day you will be transferred to the clinic and the implants. You can count on approximately 15 minutes per implant.

If possible you will receive temporary crowns. The third day you fly back to your home 3 months after this treatment, the system returns to Istanbul for the crowns. In this residence you have enough to 5 days. If necessary, the teeth at the first day where a crown on top is cut. An impression is taken and the teeth are ground to get a temporary crown. The second day you will come back to fit and also the day eerned. The last day to return the crown glued and you can get back to the Netherlands. If you have problems you can always contact us for further treatment. However, this hardly happens.

Este With Care Dental Implant in Turkey

If the treatment is completed you will be given information. Most patients after treatment with little or no pain. You can just get to work. If therapy has intensively been given instructions what work you can or can not do. Avoid the first day hard and sharp food. To prevent your cheek swelling, helps a bag of ice cubes. Keep this in the place where the surgery or treatment took place. Also observe the feeding instructions: no milk, eat hot, smoking or alcohol.

One week after surgery, you will return to remove the dressing and stitches.

The dentist cleans your whole mouth and tells you how to keep your teeth and gums clean the best. Oral hygiene in crowns, bridges and implants When hygiene is very important that you clean the transition from the crown or bridge to the gums. Brush this area carefully with a soft tooth brush and use toothpicks, brushes and dental floss. With poor oral hygiene may become infected gums and also your tooth or implant can become infected.

Este With Care Dental Implant in TurkeyEste With Care Dental Implant in Turkey

What is Este With Care doing for you?

  • We organize your hotel

  • We organize all your transfers for airport, hotel and klinik

  • We translate your communication we your doctor

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