Cataract Lens Implantation in Turkey

Este With Care offers all inclusive packages

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For Cataract Lens Implantation – Eye Surgery in Turkey, Este With Care offers all inclusive packages, from factors affecting eligibility, choosing the right clinic and technique, to aftercare and results. Este With Care is an umbrella company between you and hospitals / clinics in İstanbul Turkey.

Este With Care provides dental implant services, eye treatments services (PRK Lasik, Relex Smile, Femto Lasik, Keratakonus, Cataract Lens), plastic surgery / cosmetic surgery services (Nose Operation / Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Breast Implants) and hair transplantation services in İstanbul Turkey with all inclusive packages.

A cataractis defined as the cloudiness of the eye’s natural lens. Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss over age 40and the principle reason of blindness inthe world.

Cataractsare usually make their progress slowly, giving the sensation of blurrysight.Sometimes patients suffer from light sensitivity and glare which makesnight driving difficult. Cataractsare usually one of the problem of aging but there are many additional factorsthat may accelerate the progression of cataracts. UV radiation, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, smoking, some medications like cortisonand statins,previous eye surgeries and eye traumas may cause cataractformation.

Cataractscan only be treated surgically.It is mainly done by an exchange of opaque lens (cataract)with an artificial intraocular lens. Todays’ standard technique for cataract extraction is ‘’phacoemulsification’’ which meansultrasonic fragmantation and aspiration of cataract. It is a sa fe and shortprocedure mostly achieved under local anesthesia. After phacoemulsification,artificial intraocular lens is introduced into the eye. Those lenses could bemonofocal or multi/trifocal lenses depending the patients desire forindependence off the glasses.Today, cataract surgery is also a refractive surgerythat may provide vision without glassesfor far, intermediate and near tasks.

Lens implants in Turkey

With lens implants, after removing the cataract an intra-ocular lenses is used to replace the natural lens. Usually health care service providers only offer the basic type of lenses: Monofocal lens. However, at AVC we only offer truly bespoke treatments and we provide our patients with the best lenses suited to their needs. The type of lens that a patient will be suitable for is dependent on their lifestyle and visual needs and will be determined at the check up after extensive testing. There are different types of lenses that are able to correct different prescriptions:

Este With Care Cataract Lens Implantation in Turkey

Lens Implants

Monofocal: Only corrects short sight (distance)
Multifocal: Corrects short distance and long near
Trifocal: Corrects short distance and near and intermediate vision
Advanced Vision Care uses the revolutionary Trifocal IOLs
These next generation Multifocal IOLs offer better quality of vision, as the transmittance of light through the lens implant is extremely efficient – this improves intermediate vision with minimal glare and halos at night.

These Multifocal and Trifocal IOLs enable our patients to be completely glasses-free after treatment. The Multifocal and Trifocal lenses do not work like varifocal glasses or contact lenses. These lenses are able to correct more than one field of vision by using layered concentric circles, correcting each prescription issue with each layer, enabling for simultaneous correction of all fields of vision leaving patients completely glasses free. For this treatment you have to come to Turkey for 3 working days. After this week you can do your Daily work again.

Este With Care Cataract Lens Implantation in Turkey

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