Body Lift Surgery After Major Weight Loss FAQ

If you are experiencing loose, saggy skin, uncomfortable skin folds and have lost a lot of weight, Body Lift surgery is a life saver for you. At Este With Care, we perform Body Lifting after losing weight professionally and safely. Below we have compiled frequently asked questions so you can make an informed choice.

How do you know if you need a Body Lift?

You should have a body lift in the following situations:
Having lost a large amount of weight and being able to maintain it,
Having had a pregnancy or multiple pregnancy,
If you have saggy skin on your upper arms, stomach, hips, thighs or back
If you are not satisfied with your body because of your excess skin,
If you hesitate to participate in social activities that expose your body.

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What is a Whole Body Lift?

Whole body stretching is also known as body surgery. Tightens remaining skin for a more fit and healthy appearance. Body lift is a major surgical procedure that sculpts your body by removing unwanted excess, sagging skin and some fat deposits. It includes a series of procedures that involve tightening your entire body.
Arms – Breasts – Abdomen – Hips – Back – Legs
Or a combination of several of these.

How much weight can you lose with body lift?

This is not a weight loss surgery. It is the procedure applied after losing weight.
It is the surgical removal of the excess skin you have after major weight loss. In other words, you lose weight as much as the amount of loose skin removed by your surgeon.

How should you prepare for Body Surgery?

Preparing your body for body stretching consists of the following;
Get as close to your target weight as possible. This is crucial for a successful body stretch and an easy recovery.
To maintain this weight for at least 6 -12 months
Ideally, losing about 20-30 pounds of fat makes you a possible candidate for body lift surgery.
Consult your specialist plastic surgeon for more information and a detailed assessment of your case.

Should diet be done before Body Surgery?

Yes, you should diet before body surgery.
A body lift is a surgical procedure that can remove some fatty tissue but focuses on removing excess skin. Body stretching is not done for the purpose of losing weight. Before the procedure itself, make sure you are as close to your desired weight as possible.

Can all regions be treated at the same time?

Most of these surgical applications can be planned at the same time. For example, breast operations can be combined with arm stretching, and belt lipectomy with leg stretching. However, simultaneous surgical intervention in all areas is often not recommended for reasons such as the health of the patients and the prolongation of the operation period. Your surgeon may suggest dividing these operations into 2 or 3 separate operations.

Is it harder to gain weight after a Body Lift?

A body lift removes some fat, so in theory it should be more difficult to gain weight after a body lift. Many people who have undergone this treatment say that it is easier to have a healthy and fit body after a body lift.

Is the operation performed under general anesthesia?

Yes, you will be under general anesthesia during the operation.

How long does Body Lift surgery take?

The upper body surgery may take several hours and may require an overnight hospital stay.
A lower body lift usually takes 4-7 hours and requires a hospital stay.
A full body stretch may take several hours, depending on your condition and desired effects.

High quality and Low cost body surgery can be done.

Each patient is different and the cost of treatment will vary depending on your individual needs. Contact us if you want to experience this with us. Your experience of body surgery will be professional and  quality from start to end by Este With Care.

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