Are Dental Implants Possible Despite of Osteoporosis?

In the case of osteoporosis (bone loss), bones quickly become porous and brittle. Osteoporosis usually affects women after menopause. Osteoporosis occurs when certain hormones are lacking in the body. When there is a lack of estrogen, bone breaks down faster than it is formed. This is why women are particularly affected after menopause. Men can get osteoporosis too! The male hormone testosterone tends to decrease with age.

The jaw is usually not severely affected by bone loss. However, the bone substance here is usually very weak. By measuring bone density, the dentist can see if the jawbone has enough material for the implant or if it is damaged.

Bone enhancement measures are alternative pathways to implant-supported prostheses. But before that, it is important to get the disease under control.

Osteoporosis does not affect the success of implantation.

Once the implant is placed, osteoporosis will not be hampered. Various studies show that bone loss has no effect on implant success. Osteoporosis is a diagnosis but not the end of the dental implant dream! Depending on the severity and drug therapy, implantation is certainly possible. In mild forms treated without antiresorptive drugs, there is usually no mistake for implant placement. In principle, implantation can also be considered during or after antiresorptive therapy. Your dentist will guide you in this regard.

Decreased bone density poses some challenges for implant application. Decreased primary stability during implant placement is common in osteoporosis. The attachment of the implant to a region with reduced bone quality is less than the attachment in the normal bone. This increases the chance of implant loss. For this purpose, the dentist applying the implant, may try to increase the bone quality by compressing the area to be implanted. In this way, the attachment of the implant to the bone of increased quality becomes more reassuring.

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